Rider's Against Domestic Abuse & Rape- R.A.D.A.R.

​​"DOC"- Vice-Commander

"Scooter"- Secretary

I joined RADAR because I believe in the vision that Thor had when he started RADAR.  I want to be an advocate for survivors, and bring about community awareness that all types of abuse  exist and should not be tolerated.


"Santa"- Ssgt. of Arms

"Macha"- Commander

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  I came to Radar with a goal in mind, that goal was to hear others that had also been where I had been.  Quickly, I grew with this wonderful family and wanted to do more with them.  My mission with the organization is to help, even one person realize they to, don't have to always be a victim, but a survivor.  Help, guide, and protect! 



I came to RADAR through a friend who invited me to come to the first RADAR meeting. I immediately connected with the mission and scope of RADAR and how they wanted to help the local community and the world around them. I come from a background of domestic abuse in my first marriage and I have a deep compassion for those suffering abuse and who are living in fear every day. I remember those feelings of hopelessness and dread even though I have been happily married to my second husband for 19 years. I have four wonderful children, two of whom have some special needs. I strongly believe we are here on this Earth together to be together, to help each other however we can and to love each other no matter where we come from.